Qualities to Look Out for When Recruiting a Health Insurance Agent

Selling insurance is a demanding job that requires resilience and a high level of patience. To make it in this field, there are some qualities you must possess, some learnt and some inbred. The best thing about selling insurance is that it can be quite lucrative when done right.

Below are some of the qualities most insurance companies look out for when recruiting agents.

Great People Skills

Selling insurance involves interacting with people daily. You are very unlikely to succeed in this field if all you want is to earn a high commission. Apart from making money, a great insurance agent should put their clients’ needs first. If it means earning a lesser commission but placing a client in a product that serves their needs better, making such a decision should never be hard if you are cut out for this job.

Good Customer Service

This is an excellent quality any insurance agent must have. You must actually be available when your clients need you and ready to provide feedback whenever such a requirement arises. This is a journey you must be willing to walk together with all your clients. One of the complaints that keep coming up about insurance agents is their inability to respond to their clients’ needs timely.


This is a job that undoubtedly requires a high level of persistence skills. Rejection is part of the process. An agent must always understand that being turned down the first time doesn’t mean that a client might not consider an offer in the future. Take time to understand their needs and create the perfect proposal for them.

Product Knowledge

A great insurance agent must always have information about different products at their fingertips. They must also understand diverse customer needs to sell the right products to the right people.

These are just a drop in the ocean; there are many other qualities agents should have.